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That´s rich. Apple Maps doesn´t know Vienna´s Mariahilferstrasse

Ok, so we´ve heard that Apple Maps is bad over and over again but this is still a new revelation. Everyone who has ever come to Vienna will know 2 roads: Kärtnerstrasse und Mariahilferstrasse – the 2 busiest shopping roads of the city. And, yes you guessed it, Apple Maps doesn´t know it. Try entering Mariahilferstrasse plus Wien or Vienna with the correct Vienna postal code and it will point you to Graz, more than 140 KM away and which has a totally different postal code. Try entering it without the postal code and Apple Maps will just refuse to understand you and tell you it found “no results”photo 2

photo 3

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Time to fix this Apple… Luckily the new Google Maps iPhone app is supperb and a real upgrade from the previous version.