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The Camera doesn´t matter

While it is quite well known that iPhones and other smart phones are quite adapt at taking pictures, many people still are convinced that they are not tools for serious image taking. Truth is I personnally, mostly, never carry a DSLR when I´m on vacation or just out and about myself. The iPhone is still the best of the crop of all the smart phone cameras and it does take amazing pictures – the only real limitations compared to DSLRS are in my opinion the lack of zoom (please don´t use the digital use, please don´t!) and the very limited dynamic range. The promised increase in dynamic range is actually one of the features I was really looking forward to in the iPhone 5S and to me alone worth the upgrade from my current aging iPhone 4S.

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson took his 5S to Scottland for a spin and has published a piece on the national geographic website describing his experiences. Quite an interesting read.



Camera comparison

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