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1993 versus 2013. Wow.

I am a nerd kid of the 1980´s, I´ve been a nerd since computers had 16KB of RAM. Technological progress is so rapid that it´s easy to forget just how far things have come in the past 20 years. And this is only the beginning. Imagine the iphone of 2033 – which will be 1000 more powerful, feature inteligent sensors and AI. Google Glass is an early prototype of what´s to come. For now enjoy this comparison of 1993 versus 2013.

Fun fact on the side: The “back to the future” JVC VHS camcorder had the VHS resolution of about 333×480 pixels (or 0,16 Megapixel). The latest iphone shoots video in 1080p which means 1920 x 1080 pixel – this is roughly a 5 times resolution increase while at the same time reducing the size of the device about 10 times.

1993 versus 2013

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